Aesthetic Beauty Begins at Home!

Aesthetic Beauty Begins at HomeA significant proportion of the work we do is geared towards creating an improved aesthetic appearance, something which benefits all who experience it. This is true right across our range of services, diverse as they are, from Christmas Decoration Services to Tree Surgery, Grounds Care and the installation of Exterior and Interior plant displays. All of this makeover work recently gave us a significant revelation…

...we had not given ourselves a makeover for a while! Not for the staff (though we would have secretly enjoyed a chance to dip into the dressing-up box!) but for our website, which we felt had become much like one of the many overgrown trees that our skilled team of highly-qualified arborists regularly restore. So, working in close partnership with Brick Web Development Company, we have taken out the virtual secateurs and given our website a thorough landscaping, in order to better showcase to you our select range of services.

The first thing you will notice is the eye-catching new front page, with its super-crisp and colourful images to delight the eyes. Colour plays a crucial part in how we experience the world and much of our aesthetic work involves introducing complementary or contrasting colours into a design scheme, creating an ultimately harmonious look. These vibrant new images go a long way to describing the colour we can bring into your environment, particularly in the cold, harsh light of winter.

Everything has been tidied up into a sleek new interface, which responds intelligently to hovering and allows the relevant drop-down to remain in full view while you make your selection. The font is at a perfect size to be easily read by everyone and you will be taken to your chosen page quicker than ever before thanks to lots of behind-the-scenes tweaks.

Our news articles are a crucial way of reaching our customer base, bringing important updates, information and features across a broad range of subjects. You can now access the latest articles with a single click from the front page, so you are always up to date with the latest news from BGS.

Apart from our cosmetic change, everything else stays the same, including our impeccable customer service, competitive pricing structures, professional-quality work and web address (www.­bo­tani­cal­gro­up­ser­vic­es.­co.­uk). We hope you enjoy browsing our bang up-to-date website and welcome your comments and suggestions. Chat with us LIVE online, give us a call or drop us an email.

10th October 2016, 8:17