Tree Services — As Easy as One, Two, TREE!

Adding an attractive, natural aesthetic to any property, as well as boosting the environment by providing clean air and a place for wild animals to live, trees are enjoyed by everyone. When it comes to keeping a close eye on their management and maintenance, something that is essential to ensure health and safety for people and tree alike, Botanical Group Services are a tree-mendous choice for the most comprehensive solution!

It isn’t always obvious if a tree is presenting a risk but the fact remains that many people are injured, some seriously, every year due to falling boughs – in some cases, the entire tree itself has fallen over onto a person or property. There are lots of complex rules and obligations that must be fulfilled in the tree management sector and with Botanical you can be sure that you are always well within the law.

The Survey

The first thing that will happen is a complete, detailed survey will be undertaken, suited and tailored to your exact bespoke requirements. All trees to be managed will be individually tagged and registered, with condition reports submitted immediately afterwards along with anything from a well-developed, expertly-created 5-year management plan to a simple annual risk assessment.

The Surgery

This is where the real work happens – our team will sort everything from pruning to reduction and thinning to crown raising along with the standard removal of old, dead limbs and boughs. Your trees will remain in safe, aesthetically-pleasing condition all year round when tended to by our dedicated team.

Can't Fight The Felling

Some trees just can’t be saved and, for those unfortunate specimens, felling remains the only option. After a full environmental assessment, taking into account any Tree Preservation Orders and the presence of birds or bats, the tree will be safely (yet sadly) felled – but make sure you have another tree ready and we will plant that in the old tree’s place for you!

From little acorns to mighty oaks – call Botanical TODAY for all the tree management services you’ll ever need.

3rd May 2016, 7:56