August Gardening Tips

For many gardeners, August seems to be a time for hedge cutting. When you cut at this time of year, the hedge still has time to recover and grow new leaves, but it is too late in the season to put on lots of new growth. Any new growth still has time to ripen before winter sets in. The result is a neat hedge that looks good through the winter months.

Botanical's top tips for this month are:

  • Get your hedge cut.
  • Cut back the long, new growths on Pyracantha hard back to expose the clusters of berries. 
  • If your lavender has finished flowering, cut it back now to stimulate bushy growth. Later flowering varieties are better cut back in Spring.
  • If there is to be a warm Autumn, you can sow vegetables such as Dwarf French Beans with great success.
  • Also sow fast growing salads, mizuna, rocket, red mustard and try baby beetroot and mooli and winter radish. They will be ready in Autumn.
  • Keep removing dead heads and dying leaves of herbaceous perennials to keep the border looking tidy.

August is a great harvesting time of year. A lot of veg and soft fruit will already be picked but late and Autumn raspberries are ready this month as well as plums and the early apples such as Discovery and Worcester Pearmain. The early apple varieties tend not to store well over winter. However, there are quite a few small local businesses that press, juice and bottle the fruit that lasts me until mid winter. It tastes delicious!.

3rd August 2016, 12:30