Birchwood Shopping Centre Reworking

Birchwood Shopping Centre were in need of some help with after their last contractors left the site without completing the job. The management contacted our landscape estimator, Dan, and hired us to improve and correct the works done by the other company.

When the planting plan was received it quickly became apparent that there was a lot to be done. Many of the plants and trees were missing, weeds were growing in bedding and the site in question was not up to the standards of appearance set by Birchwood. Botanical has treated the weeds, made sure all of the plants and trees were present and worked on creating neat looking embankments to surround the area.

Birchwood Shopping Centre

Birchwood Shopping Centre

As you can see Botanical have worked hard to ensure that not only were Birchwood's needs met but that the job was done to an excellent standard. 

7th May 2015, 10:19