Bringing the Outdoors In...

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little colour and visual stimulation all year round? We’re not suggesting you get the tinsel back out of the box; instead, we want to introduce you to the beautiful, health-giving world of interior plant displays

Bringing the Outdoors In...

Bringing the outdoors in is becoming more popular as the modern office once again move through a revolutionary period. And we’re not talking about a tired old pot plant sat on the reception desk or some dusty old feather-grass in a pot in the corner! You can now create a major feature with an interior plant display; a living tapestry that will form a natural, ever-changing and always-beautiful backdrop to your work.

Being around plants lowers stress levels while raising energy levels, both of which are clear winners in terms of increased happiness and productivity. They make the air cleaner and have been shown to reduce pain levels and speed up recovery times in hospital patients. And now you can have the perfect arrangement tailored exactly to your unique premises, installed and maintained by our experts here at Botanical Group Services.

Part of creating the perfect interior plant display is choosing an aesthetically matching range of planters and we have a diverse range to choose from including both traditional and contemporary designs. The bespoke display packages can be purchased or rented and are available for short or long term periods, whether you need a complete location package, atrium planting or just a short term event display.

We have supplied interior plant displays to many prestigious clients, one of which is the British Council. A spokesperson from the organisation said: “would just like to state that we the British Council were very happy with the services provided… we received many compliments from staff and visitors”.

Our trained horti­cul­tu­ral­ists are ready and waiting to begin the creation of your own, bespoke interior plant display to brighten up your office for now and for the future. Why not give us a call today? Your office will thank you for it!

24th January 2017, 7:12