Christmas World Frankfurt 2015

On the second and third of February, Botanical MD Gary Collinson visited Christmas World in Frankfurt, Germany to take a look at some of the new trends and styles for 2015's big Christmas period. It may have been inside but the seasonal theme sends a shiver down your spine, it’s not snowing but you can almost feel the chill.

Taking a trip past The Ice Hotel and visiting Father Christmas along the way we end up in tree territory but these are not just any trees, the ones we’re looking at are 20 feet tall or over.

Christmas World in Frankfurt

Due to the success of former Christmas products and a vested interest in expanding our business towards larger scale projects such as shopping centres and hotels, we thought we needed something a bit bigger to gather around in December. The trees themselves were produced from all corners of the world, from China to Poland and while the quality shines through, we often have to think about the health and safety aspects of constructing such a magnificent tree.

Sometimes the structural integrity of the tree creates health and safety issues with the decoration of the tree. If the tree is too big it could force the tip to lean causing great difficulty in decorating, as such we have to find a fantastically crafted Christmas tree that is made up of smaller, thinner branches in order to stabilise and balance the tree itself while being decorated.

Christmas products

Further expanding of the business has pointed us in the direction of exterior lighting displays. We do have previous experience in lighting, such as exterior street trees at  Liverpool ONE and certain undisclosed (for our own protection) professional footballers. We’re in talks with big suppliers within the exterior lighting industry to make sure that when we are ready to launch our new line of products that we are able to offer the best in the business. Make sure you keep watch for when we officially unveil our new product, but don’t look at them directly because they’re lights and it might hurt.

16th February 2015, 14:45