College, Care Home or Chemical Plant: Bespoke from Botanical

Whatever kind of business, organisation or establishment you work in, chances are that it counts a physical premises among its assets. If so, then that physical premises has grounds of some description, unless you are from a more advanced planet and have learnt the art of hovering in mid-air! Over our many years of experience, we have learned and grown with our customers and today we offer a complete and comprehensive selection of grounds maintenance services that are infinitely customisable, tailored personally to your unique grounds setup.

So if it's the heavy grind of pure industry, the calming, quiet atmosphere of a social care facility, the contagious energy of a school or anywhere between these diverse points, Botanical have got you covered from every angle. Plant DisplaysExterior Plant DisplaysGritting Services

With the ultimate in convenience, reducing workload and improving site aesthetics, our grounds services are second-to-none. Our talented team are easily able to meet the bespoke requirements of each individual site, providing a host of horticultural services from simple grass cutting, pruning and leaf/litter collection to more complex work such as landscape improvements, fly tipping removal and Japanese Knotweed eradication.

Maintaining remote sites is a speciality of Botanical Group Services and our reliable, trustworthy team will carry out comprehensive service visits and then complete a full site report for each scheduled maintenance visit. These ‘real time’ reports, which include time­/date-stamped evidential photos, can be quickly and securely accessed online.

Managing and maintaining trees is essential to ensure safety: falling trees, boughs and branches are responsible for many injuries and deaths in the UK each year. There are many legal obligations to take into account when carrying out tree management operations and Botanical Group Services will always ensure that these obligations, including TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) and consideration of nesting birds or roosting bats, are strictly adhered to. All arborists employed by us are chosen for their exceptional qualifications in the many required disciplines. After a full survey our team may recommend:

Tree Surgery – Designed for healthy trees that require pruning, thinning or reduction to ensure safety is maintained

Tree Felling – In the worst case scenario, the tree may regrettably have to be felled and Botanical Group Services will ensure this is carried out in a safe and sympathetic manner - we will even replant another tree in its place if you have one!

As awareness of the importance of protecting Earth’s vital and limited resources continues to grow, so to do the technological achievements created to combat the problem. We provide access to a wide range of grounds maintenance equipment including leaf blowers, mowers, hedge cutters and strimmers, all of which are battery powered and can be recharged by the light from the sun. As well as considerably reducing carbon emissions, these quality tools provide unmatched cost-effective benefits. Call us for more details on this advanced collection.

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20th March 2017, 8:01