Evidential Reporting

Botanical’s evidential reporting system 'Service View' provides our customers with real time visibility of gritting activity.

Gritting reports automatically record exact times of arriving and leaving each site as well as provide a GPS location stamp. The gritting reports also include the quantity of grit applied in grams per square metre as this may vary according to the severity of the forecast weather conditions. Backed up by our vehicle tracking system, which records the movements of our gritting vehicles at each site, this evidential reporting provides our gritting customers with total confidence that their sites are being protected and significantly reduces any liability.

All gritting reports can be accessed by our customers at any time, from any location, via a customer portal on Botanicals web site. Here customers can see each individual report plus a historical seasonal summary.

Our Service View reporting system is particularly valuable to those customers with multiple site locations that don’t have local site management to verify a gritting attendance has been made.