Service View

Botanical Group Services’ evidential reporting system 'Service View' will support our customers in creating a more effective and efficient service, by enabling customers to receive reports immediately. This will streamline our service delivery, reduce the cost of service and will provide a unique confirmation of operational visibility.

If you want to use our Live Service app you will have to sign in using your own username and password supplied by us at Botanical Group Services.

Our evidential reporting system will include readily accessible, site-specific reports for our customers’. This will give instant access to real-time information from mobile field applications and will provide our customers with complete visibility of our mobile workforce schedules for our grounds maintenance and winter services.

This system would particularly benefit clients who manage multiple sites and would give them support by providing

  • A platform for work scheduling and completion reports in real-time with photographic evidence where relevant.
  • An accurate database of all the historical records.
  • The ability to report other maintenance or Health and Safety issues immediately with photographic support.
  • Clients will be able to review all Botanical Group Services documents.