Gardens in June — Ten Top Tips

Gardens in June

It seems like summertime is coming around very quickly this year and this is because we waited so long for the winter to be over - it certainly outstayed its welcome this year and gave us what felt like an incredibly short spring. But there are only a few days of May left and it will be time for all of our favourite summer activities to officially start! One of these activities is gardening and so here we present our Top Ten Tips for the green-fingered amongst you for the coming month.

  1. Hoe-hoe-hoe! It is time to start getting those borders in shape and looking good so remove any weeds you can see with the versatile tool

  2. Be Wise about Water - Once the sun gets really shining it can cause drought in many areas so make sure you are water-wise. Save it where you can by using greywater and/or collecting rainwater to quench your garden’s thirst

  3. Tomato Time - if you’re growing the sweet fruit, you will notice that they are starting to form side shoots and these need to be pinched out

  4. Happy Harvesting - foodstuffs that should be about ready to harvest now are radishes, lettuces and early spuds

  5. Beautify your Space - it’s almost time for hanging baskets and containers to be filled so get then cleaned and outside ready

  6. Love your Lawns - they need mowing at least once a week around this time and should kept very well looked after.

  7. Make the Beds - any summer bedding you want to get done should be carried out early in the season

  8. Show some Support - got plants that are getting a bit too big for their boots? Any that are too tall and wobbly need stakes to support them for the rigorous growing period

  9. Say it with Flowers - get the pruning shears out and make sure any spring-flowering shrubs are kept neat

  10. Stop Scorch - the sun can be more powerful than you think, particularly in greenhouses. Make sure yours is shaded from the strongest sunlight and your plants will thrive

For anything else you need, Botanical Group Services are here to provide it, making sure your outdoor space always looks perfect and provides safety. We would love to see photographs of your gardens and outdoor areas so please email them to us here!

17th May 2016, 9:01