How to Get the Best View of Grounds Maintenance

Whenever we spend money, we demand that we get what we pay for; indeed it is our legal right to expect that any product we buy be fit for purpose and any service we pay for to be carried out fully and competently. When it comes to grounds maintenance, particularly when managing large, remote and/or multiple sites, it can be difficult to keep track of exactly what is being done and consequently whether or not you are getting value for money. Botanical can put an instant end to this common worry with our simple yet powerfully effective Service View.

How to Get the Best View of Grounds MaintenanceHow to Get the Best View of Grounds MaintenanceHow to Get the Best View of Grounds Maintenance

Service View is the quickest, most effective way to access our own evidential reporting system.It has been designed around the customer to promote a more effective, more efficient and more transparent process all round, allowing the detailed reports created by our service personnel to be immediately accessed online in real time. By streamlining service delivery, we can thus reduce service cost, providing confirmation of what work is being done to maintain the safety and aesthetic appeal of your sites.

Large Sites

It isn’t always practicable to go around physically examining that all the work required has been carried out, and to what standard. Service View does the work for you.

Remote Sites

Sometimes, you may not even be able to physically visit the site at all. Who knows what’s going on while you’re away? Our evidential reporting lets you be there without being there.

Multiple Sites

It can be a struggle to manage a single site so if you’re juggling more than one then you will appreciate all the help you can get. Once again, Service View comes to the rescue and lets you manage everything in one app.

Using the Live Service app is surprisingly easy yet offers a host of features and benefits designed to make our bespoke grounds maintenance services simple to understand. After registering with us and receiving your username and password, you will be able to:

Get instant access to detailed reports specific to your site/s, in real time, from mobile field applications

See for yourself the work that has been scheduled and when it has been carried out, along with photographs

Access a complete and accurate database featuring all past records for any site

Instantly report any issues that need attention and create a platform for work scheduling

Read and review all of our many documents

Find out more about Service View  — see our specially-made video.

17th January 2017, 7:30