Interior Plant Displays - The Benefits

Interior Plant Displays

For many thousands of years, people have beautified their living and working areas with plants and flowers. Dating back as far as the ancient Egyptian culture, using flowers as decoration helps to create an aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere in which to live or work; bringing a little of the outside indoors has an incredibly positive effect on the users of a particular space.

Plants and flowers do not have to be real; replicas provide the same benefits as the genuine article, helping people to feel positive and improving the standards of work and learning. Fewer health complaints are reported in areas where real or artificial plants are situated, meaning productivity and morale are both highly increased. Plants and flowers bring life and vitality into previously sterile areas, making them feel lighter, healthier and more conducive to productive work while infinitely increasing their attractiveness.

In the modern workplace, artificial plants and flowers are often preferable to their natural counterparts as they offer lots of practical benefits. Avoiding the problems of mess from soil or dropped leaves and requiring no watering or nourishment, these replicas are a perfect way to bring the aforementioned benefits to an office without any of the hassles encountered with natural plants and flowers - going green is easy when you work with Botanical.

Botanical Group Services provide a wide range of beautiful replica plants suitable for any office space, from reception and eating areas to entrance lobbies, exhibition spaces and meeting rooms; the extensive selection means choosing the right type of product is an easy and enjoyable matter that you can be as involved in as you like.

Of course, as well as making the inside more beautiful and pleasant to be in, plant displays look amazing in their natural environment: the great outdoors. Whatever scale you are working at, it is possible to completely transform the exterior of a building with the careful, intelligent and artistic flair shown by all of our staff here at Botanical. Look out for more news on our exterior plant displays coming soon - have you signed up to our newsletter yet?

Find out more about our interior plant displays here and do not hesitate to contact us for advice and support in making YOUR workplace a beautiful, enticing place conducive to productivity and health.

11th April 2016, 8:58