Interior Plants - Real, Replica or a Mixture!

Bringing a host of benefits to the workplace from reduced absences to improved morale, interior plants beautify and enhance the aesthetic quality of any space. We offer a comprehensive selection of interior plant displays designed to best suit your individual requirements.

Replica Plants

If environmental conditions are not suited to live planting, this certainly doesn’t mean that you have to go without greenery. Replica planting technology has dramatically evolved over the last few years and even seasoned horticulturists can often have a hard time immediately discerning what is real from what isn’t.

Preserved plants are growing in popularity, combining the best of both artificial and replica interior plants. Parts of a plant are harvested before being preserved in their most natural state - the parts are then carefully reconstructed to produce an astounding effect that can instantly transform the interior landscape.

Most replica plant displays are now formed from flame-retardant material and are securely fixed into material of FRA grade. No need for regular maintenance - simply let us do all the hard work of installation before sitting back and enjoying the lush growth.

Hydroculture Plants

Allowing real plants to be grown without the use of soil, Hydroculture plants are particularly suited to areas where a high standard of hygiene is required, such as hospitals and food establishments. There are no pests or creepy-crawlies to worry about and, with no peat-based composts, these plants are green in more ways than one.

The root systems of plants grown in hydroculture media are supported by reusable clay pebbles (LECA) with water filling the gaps between - this ensures that the need for watering is kept to a minimum. Add nutrients periodically for strong, long-lasting plants.


We offer a massive range of planters in which to display your bespoke interior plants. Choose from hundreds of designs across four sections:

  • Ceramic - this quintessential planter material is used to create a stunning array of designs ranging from classic to contemporary

  • Metal - for a touch of cool prestige, choose a metal planter

  • Natural - wood and stone are used in this elegant collection

  • Synthetic - perhaps our most diverse selection

Call us now to find out how we could transform your chosen space into a lush green paradise in just a few simple, reliable and effective steps.

18th December 2015, 9:25