June in Bloom! Our Monthly Garden Tips

How is YOUR garden looking this June?

How is YOUR garden looking this June? Send us your photographs and let’s see!

Gorgeous sunshine with just the right amount of typical UK summer rain has been a boon for gardens all over the country, which are bursting into bloom as if to welcome the return of the warmer season. With the recent Chelsea Flower Show inspiring the green-fingered and greenhouses full of purchases from Bank Holiday garden centre visits, it’s time to get busy in YOUR garden and here are our monthly top tips from our guest gardener expert Stephen Relton…

  • Take advantage of the sunshine and get outdoors because containers, baskets and borders are all ready to be planted now, particularly more tender varieties as the danger of any frost has passed

  • Everything is growing fast so make sure any routine cutting, edging and weeding is given particular attention to

  • Roses were just made for the month of June and are in their peak growing season so they need a little extra feed when they flower to encourage further blooms to grow

  • Allotments and vegetable patches are now ready to be sown with fast-growing, high-yield crops such as spinach, baby carrots, salad leaves, beetroot and radish

  • Bulb fennel, sometimes known as Florence fennel, has a wonderfully-distinctive taste and is very easy to grow. Sow now as the chance of bolting is much lower due to the flowers growing according to lengthening hours of daylight

  • To keep that regal air, Delphiniums need support for their tall heads to prevent any wind damage. Late-flowering perennials need link stake type supports or pea sticks - this includes Asters and Phlox

  • Insects love the warm temperatures too, especially the apple sawfly and codling moth. They will be breeding on young fruitlets but pheromone traps can help with the problem

  • If planted daffodils have been preventing proper cutting of long grass, that task can now be safely carried out

  • If the weather is wet (which is very likely in summer!) then avoid clipping box hedging as this is one of the major ways in which box blight is spread

At Botanical, we employ a talented staff of professional gardeners who are able to make sure that your garden is in tip-top condition all the time, whatever its size and whatever the weather. Detailed reports on the work we carry out are provided at every stage and bespoke specifications are what we work to, delivering a consistent, reliable and cost-effective solution to all of your horticultural needs.

Stephen Relton, Horticutural Consultant, February 2016

6th June 2016, 8:08