Let Spring in Through the Front Door...

Interior Plant Displays

With its usual mishmash of high wind, heavy rain and bright sunshine, Spring has well and truly sprung and nature is embracing it. That includes us: admit it, even though you got soaked in that storm on the way to work, you still noticed and enjoyed the freshness in the air. By the law of contrasts that govern our senses, this outside freshness can often highlight its opposite which is the dull and stale atmosphere of your workplace. The solution…?

The solution is, like all the best solutions, an infinitely simple one: you bring the outside in with you when you come. The office door closing behind you won't be a barrier preventing you from enjoying that fresh atmosphere, that uplifted feeling that comes from simply being in a more natural environment.

Now we’re not suggesting that you cut down a tree and install it by your desk, nor do we think you should carpet the entrance hall with turf. Instead, we invite you to work with us to create an indoor garden that suits every aspect of the building you’re in, adding tone, texture and that unmistakeable outside-inside feeling.

Most people understand the benefits of interior plants simply because they are experienced directly. At once calming and stimulating, they have been shown to improve the morale of the buildings inhabitants, upping productivity levels while reducing time off sick. Real plants also improve air quality but, due to the fact that our brains are very easily fooled by the placebo effect, people have reported a PERCEIVED improvement in air quality, even when the plants were fake.

Interior Plant DisplaysReplica plants are the fastest, easiest option and require very little maintenance save the occasional wipe clean. The technology used to create the plants has improved dramatically in recent years and a range of replica plants that are virtually in­dis­tin­gu­is­hab­le from their genuine counterparts is immediately available.

For some people and places, only real will do and in those cases hydroculture plants are often the best option. Grown without soil, they are perfect for hygiene areas such as hospitals and their green credentials are only outshone by their naturally verdant colouration.

A good plant needs a good planter and our range, rendered in a wide variety of shapes and manufactured from a choice of several quality materials, is guaranteed to contain the right combination for your unique display. Don’t stop Spring at the door: Invite it inside with our interior plant displays!

27th March 2017, 6:00