One, Two, Tree Services from Botanical

It is an absolute delight to see everywhere looking so verdantly green at the moment, as grass and other plants take advantage of the warm yet humid weather. Animals and insects, particularly many welcome members of our declining bee population, are also enjoying the greenery - you may well have noticed several of our feathered friends around too. Though it’s easy to sit back and let the trees take care of themselves during the growing season, there are still lots of issues that can affect trees and dealing with them immediately is of prime importance.

Trees are complex living structures and there are almost as many things that can go wrong with them as can with our own bodies. This is why the science of arboriculture is such a detailed one and why it takes such an extended period of intense study to gain the necessary qualifications to become an arborist. Here are three to look out for this season:

  • Powdery Mildew - this is more common than you might think and is particularly partial to maple and oak trees. Poor circulation of air around the tree and/or dry roots are often to blame though, just to confuse matters, there are several related causes that are specific to the tree itself

  • The shape of acorns can provide a powerful insight into the tree’s health. Deformed acorns could signify the presence of the knopper gall wasp, which was introduced to the UK in the early part of the 20th century to assist the tanning industry

  • Squirrels may be cute but they can be an aggravating pest, particularly in tall trees. Gnawing, stripping and girdling branches, they can quickly cause visible aesthetic damage, possibly leading to physical weakness of limbs and boughs

Botanical Group Services employ a specialised team of arborists, each of whom has successfully completed the aforementioned period of study. With a sensitive combination of careful planning and decisive action, we are able to provide tree services of the most professional level, ensuring that your trees are always at their best, both aesthetically and physically.

We would love to share our knowledge with you, helping you to create a cleaner, safer and more productive environment. With our skill and your space, there is no limit to what can be created. Let’s start the process today - call us or email now.

20th June 2016, 9:55