Our new Interior Planting and Christmas Design Consultant!

Getting things right for the customer is the ultimate goal of any company and a large part of achieving this goal is employing exactly the right staff. This has always been a key part of our strategy here at Botanical Group Services and making sure that applicants for careers with us are entirely suitable for the job is of paramount importance. So, after a lengthy selection process, we are extremely proud and excited to welcome Lindsey Burrow to the BGS team!

We offer an attractive package to potential new staff and so we received many applications for the vacant post of Design Consultant. After carefully sifting out the very best we could find, we drew up a shortlist for interview and the applicants attended as planned. All of the applicants were naturally very impressive but it was Lindsey’s wealth of experience combined with her enthusiasm and obvious dedication to her career that shone through the brightest and so we offered her the job.

Lindsey lives in Poulton-le-Fylde with her three beautiful children, a boy and two girls. She comes from a demanding sales background from which she built her own interior design business, carrying on into her adult life a love of design that she has had since being a child. This passion extends to all things design-related, from fashion to interiors, and she loves creating new objects, inspiring people to transform their lives and make their surroundings just perfect.

As Lindsey loves working on lots of different types and styles of properties (her particular area of interest is Victoriana) and gets such a sense of satisfaction from seeing customers’ reactions when their cold, empty and uninviting spaces are transformed with her unique skills and talent, she is the perfect choice as Design Consultant for our interior planting and Christmas decoration services.

“I’m looking forward to the new challenges and experiences this role will hold and excitedly anticipate using my design knowledge to create some exciting and innovative interior planting and festive displays,” Lindsey said. We can’t wait to see them either!

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Lindsey to the Botanical team and invite you to take full advantage of her extensive design talent for all of your interior planting and Christmas decoration requirements. Call us today.

31st May 2016, 8:10