Reduce your Christmas Risk — Decorate with Botanical

Did you know that more than 80,000 people each year need hospital treatment for Christmas-related accidents and injuries?

Many of these occur as a result of simply putting up the Christmas decorations – avoid the risks to your visitors, staff and property with our professional Christmas Decorations service.

Christmas Trees

According to RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, around 1,000 people each year suffer injuries while carrying, adjusting or decorating the Christmas tree.

Most of these injuries are caused by falling while trying to add decorations to the higher branches. Real trees are heavy and a number of injuries are caused through lifting without proper training or assistance.

Trying to 'cut costs' by having your staff put up your christmas decorations might seem like a good idea but one slip or fall causing serious injury could cost you thousands of pounds as you will be liable for any accidents if proper training has not been put in place. All our staff have been fully trained and risk assessments have been carried out for the installation of all our Christmas Trees so you won't need to worry!

Fairy Lights

350 people each year are hurt by fairy lights, also according to RoSPA statistics. Burns and shocks from old or faulty lights are common and there have been several instances of children swallowing or choking on bulbs.

It has become popular trend now to have as many lights as possible – this has led to many people overloading sockets and causing a fire risk. Teamed with a real or untreated tree, the results can be deadly.

ALL our lights are LED, low voltage and have been PAT tested for reassurance.


Children are most at risk in this category – from choking or strangling on tinsel to standing on glass baubles or ingesting streamers, the dangers are many.

Adults also suffer injuries to; these are mainly from falling from ladders or unstable surfaces when hanging decorations in high places.

All our baubles are shatterproof reducing risk of cuts and other more serious injuries.

If someone suffers an injury like this due to installing or simply being near your Christmas decorations, you could be liable. We can quickly take away all safety worries with our broad yet eclectic selection of Christmas Decorations and installation/­removal services.

Be safe – Be sure – Choose Botanical this Christmas.

10th November 2015, 9:30