Reduced Gritting Costs

Botanicals winter gritting service is focused on reducing the risk and liability posed by ice and snow as well as relieve the burden of responsibility in the decision making process to activate a gritting attendance. In addition our detailed daily weather analysis, which is underpinned by the Met Office, is designed to ensure gritting is delivered when required and reduce unnecessary gritting expenses.

Botanicals winter gritting service

Our winter gritting weather team monitor and process daily reports from the Met Office which are based on road surface temperatures as well as climatic conditions. Email alerts are then sent out to our clients advising of the status and then, according to individual requirements, our proactive gritting service is mobilised where and when required.

Our winter gritting fleet offers considerable capability with 18 and 7.5 tonne vehicles for larger sites and 4 x 4 pickups for smaller sites.

Botanicals gritting service provides comprehensive management information offering full visibility of the gritting delivery in real time. Vehicle trackers as well as GPS stamped report sheets provide immediate evidential attendance.