Replica Plants

Replica Plants

While we are passionate about live planting we wouldn’t want to install plants which were doomed to fail due to poor conditions and that’s where Replica plants have their purpose. If you are too busy to maintain your plants or regular maintenance isn't really possible, we can utilise Replica planting so that you won't need to worry.

Don’t be fooled, replica planting has come a long way in recent years and you’d be hard pressed in many instances to spot the difference. It’s not uncommon for some of our clients to have mistakenly watered replica plants!

Presented in the planter of your choice all displays are flame retardant and fixed into FRA grade fixing material.

Preserved Plants

Taking things that one step further, some replica plants were once real.

There are a range of plants which lend themselves to preservation. Plant parts are harvested and treated so as to preserve them in their natural form.

The plants are then re-constructed to produce the most amazing effect. This technique is particularly popular with palms and can produce the most amazing bespoke interior landscape.