September Gardening Tips

September Gardening Tips

September is a good time to treat the lawn with an Autumn feed.

Start by scarifying to remove a build up of dead dry grass from the summer and give a special low nitrogen feed to toughen the new growth and strengthen the root system to green it up for the coming winter.

Gardening TipsSeptember is a good planting month for both shrubs and perennials. The ground is still warm and there is less likelihood of extreme conditions of either drought or cold.

Gardening Tips Most of us can expect the first overnight frost this month. Watch the weather and be prepared to bring treasured tender plants back undercover.

Gardening Tips Plant japanese onion sets these are the types that mature earlier than the main crop varieties. Spend a little more money on heated treated sets which prevents the onions from bolting.

Gardening TipsEnjoy harvesting both blackberries and apples. Autumn raspberries are also very good.

Gardening TipsBuying your spring bulbs for next year.

I hate to admit it, but I am planning Christmas already. Buy prepared hyacinth bulbs now and pot them in pots of bulbs fibre. They need 10 weeks of keeping in a cool moist place away from frost. Some people keep them in sheds but I place the pots in the shade and bury them in sand, covering them by several inches. Bring them out 3 weeks before Christmas ( they should have short stocky shoots on them, an inch or so high). Bring them into a cool room for a few days before placing them in full light in the warmth. At no point let them dry out or get waterlogged.

6th September 2016, 17:08