The Christmas Tree - A Festive Must-Have

As part of our comprehensive Christmas Decorations service, we offer access to a wide range of trees designed to exactly suit your chosen space, bringing a touch of aesthetic professionalism to the season.

Some facts about Christmas Trees

  • The first officially-documented use of a decorated tree to celebrate Christmas was in Latvia in 1510

  • Before fairy lights, candles were used to add the classic glow. Obviously a major fire hazard, these were replaced by the fairy lights from 1880 (after they were invented by Thomas Edison) which, more recently, are made using LED technology

  • The angel or star that tops the tree used to be a figurine of Jesus

  • More than 8m trees are sold every year in the UK

  • Real trees can take up to 10 years to grow to size

  • London receives a Christmas tree every year from Norway and proudly displays it in Trafalgar Square

  • The smell of a real Christmas tree came in 8th in a survey of the nation’s favourite odours

  • Although a festive staple, the Christmas tree is unfortunately to blame for a large proportion of accidents during December due to people falling while decorating and fires caused by faulty lighting

  • Artificial trees continue to grow in popularity as environmental awareness increases and safety features improve

When you create your very own bespoke Christmas Decorations package with us, you have lots of options when it comes to the tree. All trees are supplied with low-voltage, PAT-tested LED lights and can also be decorated and have presents added. Baubles are guaranteed shatterproof and, at the end of the festive season, our team will quickly and cleanly remove your tree and decorations, leaving you free to get on with the new year.

Start building your bespoke Christmas decorations package and call us if you need any help with your order.

18th November 2015, 8:55