The ONLY Grounds Maintenance Solution...

The ONLY Grounds Maintenance Solution...

During the winter months, it can be easy to forget about outdoor spaces as there doesn’t appear to be much going on. All of the natural life is however just below the surface waiting to spring out with the coming of Springtime and you will be wishing you had contracted those grounds maintenance services! Why not get ready TODAY?

The fact is that outdoor grounds really need maintaining year round but it becomes of much more importance towards the end of winter and through into late autumn. There is often a scramble to contract services and those seeking the best can often be disappointed so it is a good idea to get yours sorted now. Botanical Group Services offer a bespoke, complete set of grounds maintenance solutions designed around you.

Each project is unique and will receive individual attention but the standard set of services we provide include:

Cutting and Pruning: all of your lawns can be kept at their best, along with hedges and bushes. Left uncut, such areas will quickly start to look untidy and can be unhealthy for the plants.

Weed Control: weeds look awful and damage the soil and other plants so making sure they are eradicated for good is an essential component of grounds maintenance. We specialise in providing a range of safe weed control methods and can also tackle issues with Japanese knotweed, one of the most damaging weeds on the planet.

Leaf and Litter Collection: as well as looking unsightly, both leaves and litter carry health and safety risks. Leaves become incredibly slippy underfoot when they are wet and litter attracts vermin so control and clearing of either is essential.

Tree Maintenance: trees require specialist care and BGS employed skilled arborists to make sure that any on your grounds are well cared for.

Landscape Improvements: With one eye for the artistic and another for the technical, our creative and talented employees are experts at proposing and delivering improvements to the appearance of all sorts of outdoor areas.

Full Reports: particularly useful if you manage a remote site, our reporting service is second to none with complete details and time/geo stamp information.

Contact BGS Today to find out all the information you need on our grounds maintenance services.

9th January 2017, 9:29