The Top 5 Air Purifying Plants

The air around us is filled with toxins, including such nasty pollutants as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. Breathing in these toxins can lead to a range of negative health effects such as allergic reactions, headaches and respiratory conditions but there is a natural way to help keep indoor air clean: plants. By helping to purify the air, indoor plants prevent negative health effects and also beautify the space, meaning that more and more offices, hotels, schools, hospitals and more are choosing to install them.

Devil’s IvyChinese EvergreenBoston FernWeeping FigGolden Feather palm

A study was recently carried out by NASA looking into the effects of indoor plants on air quality. The Clean Air Study examined a variety of plants and these are the top five..

Devil’s Ivy

Despite the scary name, this miraculous plant is a tough, hardy fighter against the nasty toxins mentioned above, as well as xylene and tric­hlo­ro­et­hy­lene. It looks great in a modern planter as it hangs down, displaying its elegant leaves in a cascading shape.

Boston Fern

Fragile and delicate, ferns are often difficult to care for but the Boston Fern is the hardiest of the species. The lush greenery is pleasing and relaxing to the eye, while providing a purifying quality to the air around.

Chinese Evergreen

Another plant that is easy to care for, the Chinese Evergreen has a truly beautiful appearance. Its air-purifying qualities increase over time as it is exposed to more toxins from the air.

Weeping Fig

We don't know what this tree is weeping about; it is extremely attractive and highly functional too, making it a highly-regarded species. These plants love the sunlight and are particularly good at filtering toluene from the air, in addition to the other toxins previously mentioned.

Bamboo Palm

The perfect indoor plant, thriving in low light conditions unlike many other palms. As well as filtering chemicals from the air, these elegant plants transpire a full lite of water a day, meaning that they are ideal humidifiers.

Check out next week’s article to discover more of the indoor plants found by NASA to be the best at filtering out the everyday toxins we breathe. Find out more information on our complete Interior Plants service.

19th December 2016, 7:47