Top 4 Ways to Brighten up the Workplace

Take a quick look around your office. Notice how everything is looking just a little bit bare and tired? It’s because of the definitive end of the festive period — the decorations all taken down and no more twinkling coloured lights — combined with the natural feeling that the New Year should be a fresh, clean start.

Giving some much-needed new life to your surroundings doesn’t have to be a big or costly process - just follow our handy four-step guide: Brightening Up with Botanical.

1 – First Impressions

Everyone knows that these are the most important and have a profound, lasting impact on how we perceive a person or place. It doesn’t matter if you see a building every day or whether you are arriving there for the very first time - its external appearance will affect your mood and perceptions whether you notice it or not.

For this reason, it is essential to ensure that your external grounds are clean, tidy and attractive - Botanical offer a full complement of grounds maintenance services whether you require a single job or wish to establish an ongoing maintenance scheme.

2 – Let There be Light

Light is another mood-influencing factor and, put simply, the more natural light you can shed on the situation, the better.

Are you making the most of your windows and skylights? If there are no windows, choosing an appropriate task light will make all the difference.

3 – Encourage Customisation

Employees with a dedicated desk will spend a great deal of their working day there so make sure they feel free to customise their space to best suit their own unique requirements.

4 – Go for Green

Plants have a host of beneficial effects on humans: lifting mood, improving perceived air quality, reducing pain and illness, providing a calming influence and many, many more. Interestingly, these effects are observed whether the plants are real or not and so an interior plant display could be the ideal way to transform a space lacking in atmosphere.

Why not continue the theme outdoors and an exterior plant display too? Botanical can provide the ideal bespoke arrangement for you.

Start 2016 as you mean to go on and make your office a bright, warm and welcoming place to be. We would love to hear from you – how are you brightening up your office after Christmas and New Year? Share your ideas with us and also get more info about our service by email — get in touch and don't forget to attach photos!

18th January 2016, 7:25