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Botanical Tree Services
Trees survey surgery

Trees are a great asset to any property and the environment but are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance and management.

It may not always be outwardly apparent that a tree presents a significant risk, but the consequences of a tree falling or a large bough breaking can be devastating and occasionally fatal.

Botanical Group Services can help ensure you are fulfilling your obligations and res­pon­sibi­liti­es when it comes to tree management and keep you within the Law, ensuring any works undertaken are cleared with local Tree Officers where Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) have been implemented.­  Not to mention careful assessment for roosting bats and nesting birds.

As you would expect our arborists at Botanical are fully qualified in all required disciplines.

Tree Surveys

Tree Surveys

Botanical Group Services will attend your site and undertake a survey that best fits your requirements.

We will form a complete survey tagging and register all trees and individual condition reports along with a full 5 year management plan to a basic annual risk assessment of your trees.

Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

For those trees which are generally of good health but require management and pruning be it crown raising, thinning, reduction or simply removing dead limbs Botanical Group Services will undertake all procedures surgically.

Trees Felling

Tree Felling

For those trees which have reached the end of the line, we’ll undertake an environmental assessment before raising it to the ground with sad faces.

We will of course recommend you plant another in its place and even offer to plant it for you.