Wake up and Smell the... Christmas Tree!

Christmas TreeOur unique, no-hassle Christmas Decorations service is now ready for you to start creating the perfect festive fit-up for your office, retail business, school or anywhere else that will benefit from a bit of Christmas Cheer!

If asked to name the more fundamental part of decorating for Christmas, that one must-have item, almost everyone is in agreement that it’s the Christmas Tree. But how much do you know about them? Spruce up your knowledge with our quick list of facts and get your appetite whetted for Santa’s upcoming visit. If you’ve been a good boy or girl this year, of course…

  • To find the first officially recorded reference to a decorated tree erected at Christmastime, we need to head back to Latvia in 1510. It probably seemed like a very odd idea at the time but it has since been proven many times over that interior plants have countless health benefits

  • The enchanting glow of the Christmas tree after dark is one of its chief attractions, and always has been. Before fairy lights hit the shops in 1880, now mostly replaced with low-cost, energy saving, ultra bright and colourful LED's, the tree was lit with (hopefully very carefully placed) candles

  • Every year in the United Kingdom alone, at least 8m trees are sold and the number increases year on year

  • To grow to an average size takes an average tree an average of ten years (NB our Christmas trees are NOT average!

  • In the face (or perhaps just in the nose) of some serious competition, the smell of a genuine Christmas tree made the top ten list of the nation's favorite scents

  • It’s not all good news, as the essential decoration is also responsible for the most accidents and injuries, so it is certainly something best left to the professionals

  • Artificial trees are becoming more popular, and all they really lack is the smell. To the eye, the aesthetic is in­dis­tin­gu­is­hable from a real tree

As you'd expect, Botanical Group Service provide a complete Christmas Tree installation and removal service, with a massive choice of styles, decorations and even presents. Safely and beautifully lit with low-volt LED's, the tree will form the centerpiece of your unique, bespoke Christmas Decorations display, brought to you by BGS. Start creating your Christmas Tree today!

18th October 2016, 9:08