When is a Wall Not a Wall?

In a world where combining impressive aesthetic style with environmental friendliness is a key factor of modern design, the green wall was always going to be popular. With a host of practical benefits, a green wall can completely transform your workplace, school or any other area for the better - so, exactly what IS a green wall?!

Services — When is a Wall Not a Wall?

No, it isn’t just a wall that is painted green! Though it isn’t much more complex and, if you let a professional company like Botanical Group Services handle all the work for you, then you can start enjoying all of the benefits immediately. Green walls are also often known by the more descriptive term ‘vertical garden’ and are a way of bringing a taste of the fresh outdoors in, without having to compromise on space.

Any wall can be used; it is either partially or completely covered with a careful selection of greenery appropriate to the setting. This is not fake greenery - the living, breathing landscape that is created is alive and kicking, watered and nourished via intelligent delivery systems. As with all aspects of gardening but with more than most, the green wall allows a true artistic flair to be displayed, providing colour, texture and an unmatched natural atmosphere.

Green Walls by Numbers

Vertical gardens continue to become more popular as environmental awareness grows, with more than 85% of larger examples being constructed in and since 2009

They come in all shapes and sizes but the biggest in is Mexico, at Los Cabos Convention Centre, and covers a massive 2,700 square metres - over half an acre!

Far from being a new idea, the green wall was conceived and patented in 1936 by Stanley Hart White, a Professor of Landscape Architecture

Reusing wastewater for nourishing green walls can make massive savings of over 15%

Creating a vertical garden with Botanical Gardens is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply show us the space, work with our artistic team to create your ideal display then sit back and enjoy the results! We will maintain your new, unique feature to the highest standard, ensuring that your workplace is the most refreshing, pleasant and conducive to productivity that it can be.

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13th March 2017, 6:01