Who really uses Grounds Maintenance?

Grounds Maintenance is a very broad term which encompasses a wide array of different things, from cutting the grass and litter picking to tree surgery and getting rid of stubborn weeds like Japanese Knotweed so the question of who really uses grounds maintenance is a very easy one to answer, everyone does!

That statement means a lot and while not everyone on the planet may need or want grounds maintenance the point is that if you run a business with any outside or open space that needs maintaining, you probably want a grounds maintenance team on hand to make your life easier.

It’s not difficult, it doesn't need to be overly expensive to maintain a little plant life and it can in turn brighten up any areas you have by your front door that may be in need of maintenance.

Grounds Maintenance

Botanical are no strangers to grounds maintenance, having introduced the service in 1999 and since then we have amassed customers both big business and small in an attempt to make sure that we master the art of grounds maintenance and ensure that everyone is happy with what we do.

Since beginning offering grounds maintenance we at Botanical have worked with hotels like Holiday Inn, government organisations like the NHS, retail outlets like Liverpool ONE and Birchwood Shopping Centre and even charities like Derian House. We believe this shows the range of organisations that require grounds maintenance.

grounds maintenance

The answer to the question who really uses grounds maintenance may have originally sounded like quite big claim, the reality is that while not everyone needs grounds maintenance, almost any company with their own grass, trees or flowers would definitely put themselves at an advantage by having it.

Remember, first impressions really matter and your ground is the first impression anyone has of you.

Enquire now to find out how to get value at competitive rates to give you the best first impression.

16th March 2015, 10:02